Blessings Ceremonies, Classes and Retreats

Happy Couple

Couples Blessings

Couple Blessings are ceremonies that honor two people who are getting married or choosing to spend their lives committed to one another. Many couples are looking more deeply into meaningful and positive celebrations that include BOTH partners and only their closest loved ones. Either replacing or in addition to the mainstream bachelor/bachelorette parties, Couples Blessings focus on celebrating a more connected partnership and honor two people as they embark on a path of sharing. Choosing to let another person see the deepest parts of us can be the most difficult. Vulnerability in a relationship takes a lot of strength and we believe it is the most important, strongest piece in a partnership. Choosing to spend your life with someone requires vulnerability, openness and the willingness to be loved and to love. In such a divine union, we act as mirrors to one another, reflecting all aspects of one's self. These blessings honor a couples courage and supports their union together. They can also help relieve the stresses that come with wedding planning! We help couples and their closest loved ones focus on the WHY, while the wedding consists of the What and How.

Partner Tips for Birth Preparation

Prepare for birth and connect with your partner with massage tips and tricks that help support and encourage overall positive birth experiences. Have a loved one who is pregnant and wants you to help comfort and massage her during her birthing year and possibly during labor? Book a session with Ily and learn tips and tricks for massage and comfort techniques that nurture your partners body as she is nurturing the growing life within. Remember to bring your preggy mama with you!

Parent Blessings

A Parent Blessing (aka Blessingway) is a ceremony celebrating a rite of passage into parenthood and parenthood again. It was traditionally a Navajo ritual passed down and is now a part of many cultures and family traditions. Many find this celebration to be a sweet addition to a baby shower since this event is all about  showering and blessing YOU and the amazing journey of pregnancy, labor and birth. It's also the gift of time with loved ones without focusing on material gifts.


Blessingways are gatherings of supportive and encouraging friends and family who come together to nurture and celebrate a parent or parents to be. By creating a gentle space to honor a woman bringing new life into the world, we create a net of love and support while encouraging unconditional affirmations that the mother-to-be will have a beautiful birth experience. 


Blessingways meet a deeper sense of purpose and are meant to help release any fears surrounding the birth and parenting experience. By connecting meaningfully and intentionally to pregnancy and birth, we help women learn to listen to their inner voice. We bless her with strength and love while she prepares to be the gateway for new life and we honor her and her partner during this most powerful yet fragile time.


Taking part in a more connected celebration surrounding pregnancy and birth brings us back to the heart of such a sacred milestone. It can aid in a more healthy pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience helping to ease any mental, physical and emotional hardships. By creating a web of unconditional support for parents during pregnancy, we can help the overall wellbeing of their growing tribe amongst the village during birth and beyond.

Postpartum & Beyond Sacred Space Retreats

Caring for yourself after a baby can be challenging in todays western world. Even families with unlimited physical support during the transition of their growing family can need an emotional sacred space or sounding board to assist them on their healthy new beginnings. These retreat classes are offered for mothers and their partners and gives the opportunity for connection, communication and renewal for the newly "birthed" parents or seasoned parents. Our goal is to provide couples with the chance to let go, release and plant new seeds while tending to the individual and relationship gardens that already exist. By taking care of yourself and your relationship, you able to grow strong as an individual, couple and parent. This class is for all couples adjusting to the joys and tears of the beautiful transitions of a new baby, toddler and child.

Blessingway ceremonies are inclusive of all spiritual paths and claim no one faith or practice.