Energy Points In The Body, Chakras

Chakras are the subtle energy centers of our body. They are seven wheels of energy in our body. These chakras were discovered during the Vedic age. In fact, in many of the spiritual chants, you will find reference to the names of these chakras. Today science has proved that there is a gland located near each of these chakras that is related to that particular chakra. These seven chakras supply energy to the glands.


These seven major chakras deeply influence our physical, emotional and mental activities. They have great power. They are energy centers and if they are kept in a cleansed and energized condition, they can cause us to live an ecstatic and healthy life. When we are unbalanced in our chakras or energy centers, we use those expressions like, "I'm having an off day," "I'm having a bad hair day," "Nothing seemed to go right today." If the chakras are balanced, you'll hear expressions like, "It was such a great day," "It was such a miraculous day. Things went so smoothly today!" And that comes when everything is lined up and the energy is flowing throughout your whole.

The Major Chakras And Their Connection To The Body

The first chakra is the Root, located behind the pubic bone. It contains the human talent of acceptance, encompasses our organs of elimination. Here we find foundation, security, and habit.Physically: It governs our reproductive organs and our sense of survival. Works on our Adrenal Gland (fight or flight) Symptoms of a blocked 1st Chakra might include problems in the hips, legs, lower back and sexual organs.  ASSOCIATED COLOURS: Red, Brown NOTE:Middle C VOWEL: "UH" sound (as in the word "huh")


The second chakra is the Sacral,  located about an inch below the naval. It contains our reproductive organs, is where we find the human talent of creativity.Function: Emotions, sexuality and desires. It controls our relationships and social interactions with others. Physically: Works on our lower intestines and digestive system. Ovaries and testes Glands. Symptoms of a blocked 2nd Chakra might be Kidney weakness, stiff lower back, constipation and muscle spasms, reproductive problems. ASSOCIATED COLOUR: Orange   NOTE:D VOWEL: "OOO" (as in the word "you") 


In the third chakra, we come to the solar plexus area, the stomach, and many of the internal organs, such as the liver and the spleen. This area is the center for energy, for world power, for a sense of control and coordination. Function: Root of our emotional balance, personal power and metabolic energy. When we feel upset, angry or hurt we often feel this chakra. It's primal essence is that of the Will.  Physically: Works on the stomach and liver area. Works on the Pancreas.

Symptons of a blocked 3rd Chakra may include Digestive difficulties, Liver problems, Diabetes, Nervous exhaustion and Food Allergies. ASSOCIATED COLOUR: Yellow   NOTE:E VOWEL: "OH" (as in the word "go")  


In the heart center, the fourth chakra, we find compassion. Love for all living beings and ourselves. Function: Love centre, it controls our unconditional feeling and thoughts, associations, relations and Compassion. Physically: It is responsible for the Heart, Circulatory and Respiratory systems. Works on our Thymus Gland. Symptons of a blocked 4th chakra might include a heart attack, high blood pressure, insomnia and difficulty in breathing. ASSOCIATED COLOUR: Green & Pink   NOTE:F VOWEL: "AH" (as in the word "father")  


The throat area, the fifth chakra, is the part of the body in which we literally "find our voice." This chakra houses the human talent of truth. It is also connected to the thyroid gland. Function:  As the name suggests this chakra works on our throat encouraging communication and creativity. Physically: Works on our thyroid gland. Symptons of a blocked 5th chakra might include Hyperthyroid, skin irritations, ear infections, sore throat, inflammations and back pain. ASSOCIATED COLOUR: Blue  NOTE:G VOWEL: "EYE" (as in the word "I")    


The sixth chakra is classically located at the point between the eyebrows, which yogis refer to as the "third eye point," and contains intuition. This is where we find our sense of physical vision, and our extrasensory talent of vision as well. It is the spiritual center of our physical body.Function: Known as the psychic energy center, this chakra is highly active in mediums. It's basis is the intuition faculty and governs our senses. It is the link from which we perceive the higher zones and higher planes. It's essence is within the astral and dreaming worlds. Connected to the Pituitary Gland. Symptons of a blocked 6th chakra might include Headaches, Blurred Vison, Blindness and Eyestrain. ASSOCIATED COLOUR: Indigo  NOTE:A VOWEL: "AYE" (as in the word "say") 


The seventh chakra is located at the top of the head.  It's found near the crown of the head, where the soft spot on a newborn baby's head is located. This chakra contains the human talent of boundlessness. It is where all universe energy from above enters and flows through the body.Function: Knowledge, information, understanding. This chakra is our spiritual gateway and higher self. It's essence is that of blissfulness. Physically: Responsible for our head and nervous system. Works on the Pineal Gland.Symptons of a blocked 7th chakra might include Migraine, Headaches & Depression. ASSOCIATED COLOURS: Violet, White & Clear NOTE:B VOWEL: "EEE" (as in the word “me")