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Business LIFE

So you want to learn a little bit more about this business! Maybe you are already a member with us or someone that is referred you to this page. Hello and Welcome! We all come from different walks of life. We are teachers, students, nurses, full time employees, grandparents, stay at home parents, entrepreneurs and more. One thing we have in common--we all LOVE our oils and non-toxic living! Whether you're looking to get some more information, want to dip your toe in the water to get your oils paid for or are ready to start your Young Living business and earn a living by doing it, we are here to answer all of your questions.

The Blessings of a Young Living Business

Most of us that started the business never planned to do this as a business. We simply bought our Premium Starter Kits to use them for ourselves and then fell in love with our oils and started sharing our successes. We had such great success with our oils that we started thinking about family members and friends that would be helped by oils. So, we started sharing about how amazing oils are. And lo and behold, we started receiving commission checks that helped us pay for our oils. Some of us started earning checks that helped us pay for extra after-school activities for our kids, or for a much needed car, or a vacation we’ve always wanted to take. Others have paid off loans and credit card debt and some of us have been able to quit our jobs and even retire our spouses! We are helping change the lives of many and believe that money in the hands of good people doing good things for the good of others is a GOOD thing.

Income Potential

What are the income possibilities? How much money is REALLY possible with Young Living?

To be honest - it’s really up to you. Take a look at the income disclosure below and at this site - .  These numbers are real.

Young Living offers flexibility so that you can earn the type of income you want on your time and in your way. There is never any pressure to buy or sell. It truly is an opportunity that will fit you!

When you become a Young Living member with us or with any one of Authentic Family Wellness' business members, you also become a part of an educational facebook team called Hello Essentials. Hello Essentials represents almost 10,000 of the over 2.5 million total distributors in Young Living that participate in the business side, yet a large portion of us make a commission each month simply by taking advantage of the income opportunity Young Living provides. One of the reasons for this is that we have an amazing support system. The Hello Essentials team helps to make sure their members have the educational resources to be able to safely use Young Living products, as well as have the support when deciding to explore the income opportunity. We have resources that allow members to have access to answers 24/7 whether it is business or oil education. The support our team has is unmatched, and that is one reason why this team has been so successful in their business ventures.

Some people choose to work the business casually, others work it as their full time job - no matter what the path, they are supported the same with the same resources and guidance from not only their upline (person who enrolled or introduced them to Young Living)  but crossline (support outside of the upline) as well. 

What Are Your Goals?

IF you were to do this as a hobby or as a business, what would you want to accomplish? What would your goals be? What is your WHY and your drive to do this business? To earn enough to pay for your oils? To earn enough to pay for a few extra date nights or your child’s dance class? Or maybe it’s something bigger like being able to pay off debt, quit the job that is a daily grind, retire your spouse or save up for your kid’s college tuition?


There is a great book by Sarah Harnisch called “Gameplan - from Starter Kit to Silver” available on Amazon. It goes over her journey from poverty (barely surviving off welfare checks) to hitting Silver and how she did it on a minimal budget. This book is incredible for insight and strategy on getting started and being successful.

How to Get Started

It's simple, all you need to start doing this business is to choose a Premium Starter Kit as a wholesale member and start using your kit and get familiar with it. Once you are ready to introduce others to Young Living, you need a minimum requirement of 100pv points per month. (PV = Personal Volume). Typically $1=1pv. That's $100 worth of products that you swapped from the stores. That's it! These are products you are using and even gifts you could be purchasing for family and friends for their special occasions.


If you are going to do this business, you must know your products. You are not a sales person, you are an example! If you are not using the products yourself and do not understand their value, you should not be recommending them. This is why Young Living and The Hello Essentials team fits hand in hand with Authentic Family Wellness. You need to be authentic and genuine. Truly helping others and meeting their needs is the bottom line. We have products that help with all major systems of the body, aid with sleep, mood, energy immunity and overall wellness. And we have non-toxic options for the entire home and any age group. Helping someone find what they need is absolutely possible.


One way to get the most out of your 100pv monthly order is by purchasing it through Young Living's optional Essential Rewards Monthly subscription program. You'll earn points on your 100pv order that you can use towards qualifying free products! All of this may sound like mumbo jumbo right now, but don't worry! When you're ready, we are here to help you learn and walk you through. You will also have access to educational videos from our team that will help you understand the compensation plan.

Inspire And Aspire

Meet the co-founder of Hello Essentials and the one who introduced us to Young Living! Before she became a top level in the company in just 3 years (a record time that took hard work and dedication!), she was our amazing hypnobirthing instructor!


Here is Carol Yeh-Garner’s story:


"I know that I never planned to do this as a business. I had some negative experiences with other network marketing companies and had a closet full of products that I never used because I was required to purchase products every month to keep my wholesale discount even though I wasn’t doing the business. And I didn’t want that to happen again with Young Living so I was relieved to know that if I was just a consumer, I wasn’t required to purchase anything on a monthly basis to maintain my wholesale discount. I purchased my Premium Starter Kit in October 2013.


I had a thriving hypnotherapy private practice and was teaching 2 HypnoBirthing (a natural childbirth education method) classes per week. I loved my jobs and really thought that was what I was put on Earth to do, but with my husband’s school teacher income and my two jobs, we were barely making ends meet. While I loved owning my own businesses, I was reliant on whether or not I had clients scheduled for the following week. I was constantly stressed about paying our bills and laid in bed at night worrying about whether or not we’d be able to pay the minimum on our credit card bills, rent and for our kids after school activities. I didn’t see a way out with the job situations my husband and I had.


But, then I learned more about the business and the income potential and realized that I loved the products and what they were doing for our family so why not share? I was doing my friends, family and clientele a disservice if I didn’t share about oils. So, I started by simply sharing my success stories and people contacted me for more info. I never chased a sale. I simply shared and educated people about what oils were doing for us and answered questions along the way. And before you knew it, I had people wanting to know more about how to get the oils for themselves. And then they had people wanting to know how to purchase oils. And it continued to grow and snowball until I was able to quit my jobs in June 2014 and retire my husband from his teaching job in June 2015. We hit the top rank of Royal Crown Diamond in February 2016. We never thought we would want to quit our jobs--we really loved what we were doing at the time--but have quickly learned that being able to help people take control of their health and wellness using Young Living products and empowering our team members to take financial control of their lives is THE best job ever!"

"My husband and I are more than grateful for our paths crossing with Carol and introducing us to Young Living. She reached out to us and shared oils that could help our family through a rough postpartum healing experience back in 2013. In 2014 we had been using oils for our family and after our personal successes we started bringing them into our Massage practice and into the birth rooms of many clients. I personally dabbled in the business but didn't jump in until Summer 2018. I more than tripled my members in only 6 months and now have my husband as a part of my team. Our goals continue to grow and our consistency and dedication brings us steady growth. With 3 kids and being a full time mom without any family to help care for our boys while I work part time, I am still able to slowly work my way towards  the top. In this business some of us are slow and steady and some hit the ground running in record times! No matter your pace, your situation, your circumstances or your style, you WILL succeed with consistency and the desire to help others. Once you put peoples' needs before your fears, there's no stopping you." -Ily

Authenticity, The Key To Letting Go Of Fear

Most of us have built our businesses not by being rockstar business people, but by simply sharing the products we love in order to help those around us. We use social media and word of mouth to connect with others and tell our personal success stories using Young Living products. We have a blast teaching in-person classes and online workshops as a team! Nervous to share because of how people might respond? Think of who you would help by telling your story. We have seen incredible testimonies of health and wellness through Young Living, so we encourage you to consider sharing, being open to vulnerability and connection. 

While the initial commitment will look different for everyone, we can tell you for certain, your day looks a whole lot better than your typical 9-5! One of the best things about this business is the freedom it offers. Choose what hours you want to work, and what ranks you want to pursue. You can work from quite literally anywhere and can even take a vacation without worrying about how you’ll make up the income you’ll be losing by not working your 9-5 job. A Young Living business can lead to time freedom and financial freedom with dedication and hard work!

I'm Ready!


If you are ready to start your business with Young Living as a part of our Authentic Family Wellness team and you are not yet a member, START HERE and purchase your Premium Starter Kit as a Wholesale Member. If another business member referred you to this page please contact them to purchase your kit! If you are already a member and signed up under another business member, let them know you're ready to dive in!


Short Online Study With Young Living RCD Monique McLean. This study was created to be paired with the printed, spiral bound Be In The Know planner, to help you stay organized. Let's get started! See you inside the online study

Monique walks you through the Young Living compensation plan. Grab your book, get ready to take some notes and prepare to learn the basics of how you can get paid as a Young Living member.

_ I would never quit my job to do oils.

Residual Income Presentation #1 with Ryan Hase former accountant. This is for the practical and analytical skeptics that need to see the numbers to see the value! Check out his Residual Income Presentation #2!

_ I would never quit my job to do oils.

Ryan Hase, former CPA, Breaks down the business with Young Living in comparison to the average american's 401k and Pension retirement plan.


Eric Hudson walks you through simple steps you can take to set up a financial plan without having to create a budget each month. You will live at peace knowing your financial values and responsibilities are being funded each month without you even having to think about them.

This downloadable represents the flow of bank accounts Eric Hudson recommends in his book, Let's Talk Money.