Nurturing Feminine Seasons & Gatherings

I bet you're wondering what the heck are "Feminine Seasons" all about eh? If you already know of this amazing connection, yay! If not, Let me blow... your... mind!

So there is whole different way of describing and understanding the different age cycles we have as women once we become pubescent. We call them Seasons! It goes like this...

A Young woman, who has recently started her monhtly cycles, aka menstruation, or known as Menarchy meaning first blood. 



A woman who has entered her childbearing years. New Mom or Mommy again. This season  recycles with each pregnancy experience. 


A woman who has entereed the age of ceased menstruation. Menopause, or as I like to better described it, transition.


A woman who has fully transitioned and no longer experiences the symptoms of her decreasing monthly cycles.

It Gets Even Jucier!

There is a divine feminine energy that comes when our seasons first begin. Its first visit comes during Menarchy (our first menstruation. Our Spring Season).  It is an earthly, fertile and wise energy that flows up from the ground and through our feet (imagine roots of a tree) and into our womb. Like the ocean's tide and the moon's 28 day cycles, we cycle with our menses and then release this energy back into the earth when there is no conception. With each menses we shed our womb, we grieve, we feel mother earth's pains amongst beauty and have the ability to start new. It is said that our period is like a death, and we are reborn anew and can let go of any energy from the previous month and start over with a new dawn. Who doesn't love that idea? Our Spring season continues this pattern until our first pregnancy begins.


We officially enter our Summer Season during our first conception. This wise energy then remains in our womb, enters and opens our heart and visits our mind for the duration of each pregnancy, no matter its length. You can feel it get hotter, sweatier, heavier and stronger in each trimester. Totally describes pregnancy right? That energy then releases during birth as it would during menses. We then flow back and forth from our Summer and Spring Seasons between every pregnancy. This pattern can last many years and cycle itself over and over with each pregnancy experience!


When the childbearing Summer season begins its decent, our Season of Autumn starts to appear. This can be a slow experience of transition (aka, menopause), or a swift trasition. It's as unique as Spring in its timing, and Summer in its length. This is when that wise, earthly energy decides to remain in our body and starts to rise up into our head. Hot flashes? How about wisdom! The energy flows up and down within the body without releasing through menses for an idividually unique length of time till transtition is finally complete. Then the wise energy we first met in Spring, that came up through our feet from the amazing mother earth, finally makes its way up and out the crown of our heads and connects us to the wisdom above. We are then birthed into the Winter season. The season of the Wise Woman. 


The Wise Woman gets to keep her wisdom she gained through each Season she experiences. Being as every woman is unique, the time spent in each Season or even the possibility of experiencing a seasons absence, teaches her lessons and brings her gifts of knowledge. Ultimately in our last Season of Winter, we have the ability to reflect upon each stage in our life as a woman. The energy is raw, powerful, everchanging and at the same time graceful and all encompassing. With our Winters end, we die and return to the mother after passing our wisdom along to a new Spring.

Ily's Gatherings

As women, it is crucial to the state of our wellbeing to come together and spend conscious quality time. This means being in a non-judgmental, safe and open space that you can share your feelings freely and be able to replenish your soul. In today's world this can be hard. Female competitiveness threatens us at almost every angle. Social media can be a gift and yet also a depressing sink hole if we are not taking care of our emotional wellbeing. Picture editing apps, contouring makeup musts and a particular body shape sexiness is all over the place. These things can be fun but getting caught up in them can be damaging. Not only do we have physical expectations but social ones as well. "Are you the right kind of mom, do you have the right kind of friends, are you in the right kind of relationship?" If we are not careful at tending the garden of our minds, make time for positive activities and keep our bodies filled with the nutrients we need, we are easily exposed to the possibility of burn out. Depression, anxiety, fatigue and chronic pain are some of the many dis-eases we can encounter if we aren't taking care of our body, mind and spirit. 

The gatherings I host are exactly the sort of nourishment we need. I focus on positive and uplifting activities centered around self care. We take part in fun projects and positive affirmation mind training. We focus this time to let go of any unwanted energies that are holding us back from attaining happiness and balance, and replace those old negative beliefs with positive affirmations. The amazing women I've had the opportunity to share this time with have told me how much they needed a safe place to just be themselves and find others who want to positively uplift one another through listening and sharing supportive words. My groups are held monthly and I even offer my services of facilitating a group for others who have friends they would like to share the experience with. Being a mother of 3 boys, a wife and owning my own business, It's my belief that we must first take care of ourselves before we can spread our light and take care of others. 

Love, Ily