Affirmation Mists


“I have positive energetic focus.”
A blend of invigorating Lemon and relaxing Lavender. These two aromas when combined help you focus and boost your energy all at the same time. Perfect for work, school, reading and studying. Also beneficial for the labor room.

Affirmation Mist "I Have Positive Energetic Focus" 4oz

  • Affirmation Mists are one of my favorite creations of all time! For years I have been making them for my home and for my office, till one day a client of mine begged me to make her one! Since then I’ve been working on the perfect pure essential oil formula. These 3 affirmation blends are simple, to the point and contains only pure grade organic essential oils, distilled agua and precious gemstones that have been charged under the full and new moons. Perfect before getting out of bed, doing yoga or other exercises, meditating, prayer and a restful sleep. 


    All blends are alcohol free, contain absolutely NO synthetic fillers, pesticides or other toxins. Each bottle is the perfect natural amount of aroma to ease the senses and safely activate your olfactory.