Bloom Where You Are Planted

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Today I’m bringing attention to the present and where I’ve decided to plant myself. On a physical level, 2 years ago I made one of the most life changing decisions I’ve ever made. Being born and raised in sunny San Diego, CA was amazing. The mountains, the deserts, the beaches, the horses, the trails... all pretty much in my back yard. Not to mention the spread out feeling and lots of open space in the neighborhood I grew up in. It embodied a suburban farm type of lifestyle with lots of western influences. I mean, these were the people that roughed the rest of the Oregon trail and didn’t turn back or settle when things got rough! My great great grandparents on my mothers side literally told the story of coming over in a covered wagon. And these were farm people, tough, hard working, honest and self sufficient.

The pioneering spirit surely runs in our blood so it wasn’t a surprise when my husband and I made the announcement that we’d be moving our entire family of 5, to his home town in the garden state 3,000 miles away. I was stubborn, positively charged and absolutely not willing to see any possible challenges. I said farewell to a wellness center and therapeutic massage practice that I worked almost 6 years to build, and we were on our way! Why make all of these changes? Because I wanted our family to BLOOM. I wanted to bring our Wellness Center to a new land, I wanted my children to have an active community of friends and family, aunts and uncles, grandparents and so much more. I wanted my husband to be surrounded by the stories he would always tell me about growing up and to surround our children with the same. And personally, I wanted to blossom and bloom and create relationships with those my husband loves so much... . In the present moment now 2 years after this major life event, I look at my family and my husband and I realize that no matter where we are or where we go, we are a family garden that can blossom and bloom just by being a family. Sharing our love and creating lasting memories rather than chasing after old ones. Everything grows and changes and always in different directions. No perennial flower blooms the same after each winter. If you have come from a particular garden and now find yourself creating your own, stop trying to mimic what you once had. Surely you’ll carry on traits, tendencies and traditions, but your children are not your childhood. They are experiencing and building their own. And your world as a child, is not the world of today. So wherever you decide to plant yourself, either always on the move or bunkering down. Plant yourself in YOUR family garden and focus on what you're fostering and feeding your little seedlings. There's never the perfect place, only the present.

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