Fall In Love With Taking Care Of Yourself

It’s a journey that lasts our entire life, the journey of learning to self care. We hear this a lot these days but what does it truly mean? It means that an amazing wave of generations are coming together and learning how to honor themselves by educating themselves on the importance of self care practices and loving how it feels to nourish their body, mind and spirit. Taking care of yourself is a deep practice that consists of so much more than the idealized spa days and visits to the salon. When you have decided to look inside and learn what you truly need and deserve, your entire world shifts. It can feel overwhelming once you start connecting with your highest self and start to feed your roots the love you’ve always deserved. 

It’s a messy unraveling that most people are too afraid to deeply explore. It shakes foundations and can completely reshape what you thought about your life. Once the first steps are taken though, you can’t stop. You truly start to fall in love with each discovery and become eager to know what’s next. What makes you you? What events have shaped you? What coping mechanisms have you developed? Can they be reframed? Can you accept the change that comes with loving and taking care of yourself? Can you let go of unhealthy patterns and people and do it with love?... 

The steps are endless, but this is a journey of the soul. Rooted in trust, faith and repetition. You can’t just wake up one day and say, “I did it! I’ve done all my growing and learning, what’s next?” Oh how I wish it were that easy! But each day you get closer to a deeper inner truth and sometimes it may feel like you’re further away from self love and that’s okay. Trust that you are farther along the path of falling in love with taking care of yourself than you were yesterday! Know that the more you love to take care of yourself, the better you are able to truly love taking care of others. Healer heal thyself and embrace the mess that coexists with learning how to self care. 

Remember it’s your journey and not someone else’s, and hold space and embrace others that are doing the same.

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