No Matter How Hard, You Are Here For A Reason!

It’s time to revisit some of my truth with you today and hopefully help someone in need ❤️. In my life, I’ve now endured 5 suicides that deeply affected me... and every single one of them were bright lights and the most strongest people who stood out and you wouldn’t have ever thought they would take their own life... I also was shocked and grief stricken when I lost my own self to the storm of PMDD and didn’t know what was happening each month inside my body and brain for almost 5 years. . Everyone who struggles with suicidal thoughts has a different story. A different recipe that makes up their unique experience. After my experiences getting the help I deserved, distancing relationships that only made me feel guilt and shame for my struggles, and building a small loving tribe of honest friends, I’ve been able to take my life back. If you have struggles of the mind and body, either one affecting the other, you are stronger in your ability to admit them and speak out about them. Your honest vulnerability gives you the power to make the necessary changes in your life that can help you build a stronger foundation of self. Even if you’re experiencing your current one crumbling, shifting, shaking or you’re tearing that shit down yourself in efforts to make a better future, you are strong, loved and supported by universe.

Wether you are doing this deep work in private, or you are sharing it with the world, you are helping make the world a better place by working on yourself. You will absolutely affect and inspire an opportunity for growth for those around you and you are paving a better path of truth, honesty and support for the generations that come after you. You’re here for a reason and you came here with love in your soul, so strongly that you knew you you could overcome the challenges that you’d be faced with. Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture! The one that right now may make you scared, upset or wondering what’s the point...

When you take a moment to connect back into yourself, you will feel even the slightest glimpse of purpose that you are part of something of importance. You are connected to absolutely everyone! You matter, you are important, you are worth it, you are not alone and you are changing the world one little drop at a time!

And if you are too overwhelmed, focus on this one simple task... you are here for one thing! To share love with everyone who you come into contact with. Just a smile, a helping hand, a listening ear, an honest gesture of kindness without expectation. BeYOUtiful!

With Love & Gratitude,

Ily Sue

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