Small, Easy Steps To Help Create Positive Coping Skills For Children

We have created a relaxation tool kit for our oldest! No more time outs, no more “in trouble”, only a place to take a moment and reevaluate emotions! He can also visit his tool kit any time he desires and is encouraged to start his mornings picking one thing out to do before starting the day! We just read all of the books together to become familiar with how they all can work in times of stress. I highly recommend each one!!! 💖 It is so important to sit with our emotions and look at them. Instead of shaming a mistake we’ve made or staying angry at a particular situation, it’s so important to remind ourselves that our emotions DO matter and we have them for a reason. That reason is to learn and grow. If we choose to explore our emotions with positive tools and find things that make doing so more easily accomplished, that supports the acceptance of ALL emotions we experience in our life, we can prevent dis-ease of the mind. We can help our children to value their inner self just as much as society pushes to value academic accomplishments. Even the smartest most successful academic can have an unhappy mental, spiritual and physical future in the real world, not knowing the point of this whole thing called life. It’s oh so important to strengthen empathy, compassion and emotional exploration with loving control over the way we handle our thoughts that ultimately lead to our actions. Our kids are at risk more than ever to have a mental health challenge in their lifetime, and it’s our job as parents to start doing the work ourselves and then help our children learn healthy tools that they can grow into and carry with them the rest of their life!

Find our tool kit books here!

I Am Peace, by Susan Verde. Link:

I Think I Am, by Louise Hay. Link:

Find Your Happy, by Patricia May. Link:

Good Vibes Coloring Book, by Thaneeya McArdle. Link:

Gel Pens! Link:

Yoga and Mindfulness Practices for Children Card Deck by Jennifer Cohen Harper. Link:

With Love & Gratitude,

Ily Sue

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